Honda NSX

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The Honda NSX is the rebirth of an icon representing the ultimate combination in power, sportiness and efficiency. Dubbed the new sports experience, it was developed under the concept of a "human-centered supercar". A car that puts the driver first in every aspect of its design, the next-generation NSX leverages its state-of-the-art hybrid supercar power unit, body and chassis to deliver exceptionally intuitive and immediate response to driver inputs.

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The driver-orientated cockpit puts you at the very heart of the NSX driving experience, where you’re instantly connected to a selection of four dynamic driving modes.


The nine-speed Dual Clutch Transmission synchronises beautifully with the V6 power plant and Direct Drive Motor unit, making full use of the power output and broad power band of the NSX. Gear shifting is lightning fast when you need it and combines with the NSX’s rapid response; it’s perfect for a track day and seamlessly smooth on the road, too.


When braking, turning-in and exiting a corner, the electric motors (1),(2) & (3) work in harmony with the V6 engine (4). Power is regulated via the (IPU) Intelligent Power Unit and (PDU) Power Drive Unit (5) – situated in the Lithium Battery (6).


You, the driver, are at the very centre of the NSX. But sat just behind you is the most technologically advanced road car engine we’ve ever built. The hand-built engine is a 3.5 litre twin-turbocharged V6. Mid mounted to the aluminium chassis, it delivers power through a nine-speed Dual Clutch Transmission for instant response.

*Model shown and pricing based on Honda NSX

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